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Shaver Wood Furnaces - In Business for over 30 Years

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  We don't ANY fancy electronics or circuit boards. ALL of our parts are off-the-shelf parts, that are available anywhere. There's nothing proprietary that you have to buy from us. Many companies don't have a forced air fan. Others have a fan that blows air through the front door into the side of the fire. We took it one step further and have a fan in back, that blows air up through the grates and feeds oxygen into the bottom of the fire, just like a blacksmith's forge! Our warranty covers parts AND labor! May warranties only cover parts or you have to ship the furnace back to the manufacturer!

 Kentucky Outdoor Wood Stoves - Home of the best built Outdoor Wood Furnace. Are you tired of paying those "HIGH" electric or gas bills? If so, the solution is only a phone call away! 

  Most important! We build our firebox 50% thicker than our nearest competitor. Ours is .380" thick - almost 4/10th of an inch! That's why they don't rust through, split, crack and warp!

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